Dr. Olu Eniwaye earned doctor of philosophy degree in Human Services. He is a student of the human behavior especially in the area of coping skills which could enhance progress or derail the process of contentment depending on the continuum one finds oneself. Over the years, Dr. Eniwaye has helped people who struggle with some form of excess indulgent, self-esteem issues and the like.

My Life coaching method explores clients thinking and action process.

Some area of Interest for my clients:

  • Self-Exploration Coaching
  • Creativity Coaching
  • Balanced work/life Coaching
  • Stress management Coaching
  • Professional and Personal life Equilibrium Coaching
  • Transformation Process Coaching
  • Truth and Intellectual Honesty Coaching
  • Love without dependency Coaching

Specific results from my Life Coach methodology

  • Worry is the anticipation of expectation; you want to have tools to deal with fret
  • You want to discover your maximum potential
  • You want to comprehend the source of your inner thought apprehension.
  • You want to create a path to relative freedom
  • You want to relinquish the chain of personal inadequacies
  • You want an abundance of peace without the usual side effects

If you think your life needs a little tune-up, the logical thing to do is contact me for practical, insightful, and supportive enhancement for a more meaningful life.